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How do I prevent mold in my bottle parts?

There are three quick steps you can take to ensure your bottle parts are fully cleaned and dried to help prevent moisture build-up. Rinse after using, utilizing the Cleaning Brush, and letting the parts fully air-dry. Here is more info on each

Rinse after use

Giving the vent insert a quick rinse after feeding helps prevent formula or milk from drying and getting stuck in the parts. If the insert can’t be rinsed soon after feeding, make sure to use the wire Cleaning Brush.

Using the Cleaning Brush

Use the wire cleaning brush, hot water and dish soap to clean the inside of the vent insert as well as the straw of the reservoir. We recommend giving the vent system a quick clean with the wire brush before putting it in the dishwasher.

Letting the parts air-dry

If leftover water after washing is not allowed to fully dry, putting your bottle together and storing it can cause moisture to get trapped in the parts. Allow all the parts to air dry fully before storing. For the vent insert, lay it on its side to allow for drainage of any additional water.

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