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Seal of Genuineness

Handi-Craft Company (Handi-Craft), headquartered in the USA, is the worldwide owner of all right, title and interest in the Dr. Brown’s brand and portfolio of trademarks. Originating in the USA, the Dr. Brown’s® brand is a premier worldwide brand of baby and children’s products.

Seal of Authenticity

Handi-Craft supplies its products through exclusive Handi-Craft distributors. Recently, more and more customers are being exposed to imitation products that bear the Dr. Brown’s® name and/or logo and are brought into the market by trading companies that are not Handi-Craft exclusive distributors. For the benefit of our customers and the safety of their children, we are making every effort to assure our customers that when you purchase a Dr. Brown’s® product, it is genuinely from Handi-Craft.

Accordingly, Handi-Craft has developed its “seal of genuineness” in the form of a thumbprint having an embedded feeding bottle. Look for this seal on Dr. Brown’s® packaging to know that you are purchasing an authentic Handi-Craft product.

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