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Women feeding baby from Dr. Browns baby bottle

When you can remove the vent

The internal vent system in Dr. Brown’s bottles is what makes our bottles the best bottle for helping reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas, preserving nutrients in breast milk and formula, and providing baby a feeding experience much like breastfeeding. Simply put, baby will have the best feeding experience with Dr. Brown’s bottles when using the internal vent system.

Baby’s digestive system is usually the last system to fully develop, so it’s important to use the internal vent system until you see improved feeding habits. Here are some signs of improved feeding habits:

  • They are able to sit up on their own
  • They have begun some solid food
  • They are not showing signs of colic, gassiness, or reflux

Make sure to speak with your pediatrician before making any changes to your baby’s feeding.

Venting without the Vent System

Dr. Brown’s bottles feature a vent in the nipple that allows for venting even when the internal vent system is not being used. It works much like other nipple-vented bottles; air is allowed to escape through the nipple vent and prevent pressure build-up, helping avoid nipple collapse

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