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Difference between standard/narrow and wide-neck

At Dr. Brown’s we carry both Standard/Narrow bottles and Wide-Neck (or wide-mouth) bottles. While there are differences between the two, here’s what’s the same:

  • Both types of bottles have the same internal vent system that improves feeding experiences.
  • Both offer the same consistent nipple flow levels.

There is no wrong choice for bottles; it just comes down to baby’s latch.

Standard/Narrow bottles

When you see bottles called “standard” or “narrow” it is the same kind of bottle. These are thinner bottle vessels that feature narrow nipples. Some babies like these bottles because it allows them to engage the entire nipple when latching. Dr. Brown’s Narrow bottles are the #1 pediatrician recommended baby bottle in the U.S.* and are often used in NICUs and hospitals for babies with feeding difficulties.

Wide-Neck (wide-mouth) bottles

Wide-neck bottles are also called wide-mouth bottles because they offer a wider, sloped nipple that is shaped like a breast. This makes them great for breastfed babies and babies with a wider latch. In a comprehensive study of 884 babies, 93% of babies accepted Dr. Brown’s® Options+™ Wide-Neck Nipple.

*IQVIA Health ProVoice Survey 2023

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