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When it comes to seeking advice on baby care and baby products, some moms would prefer to talk with other moms.

Palak Patel (The Chutney Life)

Hi! My name is Palak and I share all the little pieces of my world over on @thechutneylife! On my page, you’ll find globally influenced recipes, tips on home decor, and a few random things thrown in the mix! Moreover, as a new mom, I’ve been incredibly passionate about sharing this new little part of my life with other women. I strive to build a community where moms can always keep it real with another and share their experiences without any judgement.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @thechutneylife

Follow along with me on my Blog: thechutneylife.com/

Latisha Tankard

Hi! My name is Latisha Tankard and I live in Clarksville, Tennessee with my husband, Marcus and our three amazing boys (ages four, two and two months). Even though I’m totally outnumbered, I’m a girly girl and I love all things fashion and beauty. When our oldest was born, we were taping for a reality tv show with Bravo (Thicker Than Water). I began to utilize social media as a way to connect with our audience, but mainly to catalog our baby pictures. As I shared my experiences with my friends and followers, my influence began to grow as people connected with my journey into mommy-hood. So here we are.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @latishatankard

Hillary Padavich (Blondies Highlights)

Hi I’m Hillary from @blondieshighlights where I currently run a fashion and lifestyle blog. I reside in the sunshine state of Florida. My husband and I are entering a new chapter of our lives raising two beautiful twin girls. You can follow me and watch the fun of raising twins while I post lifestyle, fashion, and baby stuff to both Instagram and my blog. I hope you enjoy seeing my journey through motherhood.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @blondieshighlights

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.blondieshighlights.com

Arielle Ralha (Love In Blush)

Hi! My name is Arielle, a 29 year old Long Island girl, with a passion for fashion, dance, being a wife & NOW a new mom to Cristiano. I not only own my own dance studio where I shape the dreams of young children, but, I am also a fashion influencer. I love to instill confidence in women thru style! You will enjoy my casual athleisure looks for the on the go mom! As well as those night time OOTD’s for the occasional “date night!”

I now started to share all things mother hood & baby, such as nursery decor, necessities/must-haves, and little boy/girl fashion!

I hope you follow along my journey on being a new mom! I love to connect with my followers and will always engage in this amazing community!

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @loveinblush

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.loveinblush.com

Lindsay Rosasco (It’s Simply Lindsay)

Hi, I’m Lindsay, mother to three girls 4 and under, blogger at It’s Simply Lindsay, and business owner of the web design firm Blue Ink Web. I’ve always been a passionate writer and decided to start a blog shortly after my first daughter was born in 2015 to have an outlet for me to explore. My little hobby turned into something much bigger as I share everything from pregnancy and parenting experiences to home decor and editorials about things I’m passionate about. I believe in always chasing your dreams – that’s why I’m publishing my first children’s book, These Words Are for You, coming fall 2020!

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @itssimplylindsay

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.itssimplylindsay.com

Farrah Furbidge (Mama Bird and Tribe)

Hello, my name is Farrah-Faye, and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am a mother of two beautiful kids. I am the creator of the Mama Bird and Tribe social media channels. I have build a strong community of people who seek advice in fashion, beauty, wellness, home décor, and all things encircling motherhood. Mama Bird and Tribe was founded on the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” In essence, it takes an entire community of diverse members interacting with one another so that their children can be raised and learn in a safe environment. Sharing my knowledge, day-to-day struggles, successes, failures, and providing inspiration on various topics are some of the reasons why the Mama Bird and Tribe community continues to grow. My goal is to inspire my followers and readers by being my most authentic self and expanding the tribe so we can learn from each other and raise our children in the best way possible based on firsthand knowledge.

I started blogging to be able to connect with others around the world. My presence on social media is where I share snaps of product reviews, my latest blog content, and everyday moments.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @mamabirdandtribe

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.mamabirdandtribe.com

Taylor Brown (The Styled Press)

Taylor Brown is a wife and new mom, currently living outside of Minneapolis. Her blog, The Styled Press, was designed in late 2015 as a creative outlet for her passion for fashion and sharing her lifestyle. It’s become a place for women to find inspiration and encouragement.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @taymbrown

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.thestyledpress.com

Kelsea Faucher (Life with Jordans)

Hello! My name is Kelsea and I’m a mama to a fearless toddler named Kennedy and another little babe due in September! When my daughter was born, I put my nursing career on hiatus to be a stay at home mompreneur and decided to share my experiences with other moms and blog about it! Join me as I navigate motherhood & entrepreneurship!

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @lifewithjordans

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.lifewithjordans.com

Jess Oakes

Jess is a wife and Mama to a (sassy, cute) little girl and pregnant with a baby boy on the way. You can generally find her with Starbucks in hand and blogging about Motherhood, home decor and everything in between. She is passionate about showing the realness in life and Motherhood and does her best to portray that through her blog, Positively Oakes.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @jessicasoakes

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.positivelyoakes.com

Bethany McLean (Simply Bethany)

Hi, I’m Beth! Founder of Simply Bethany, my blog that shares all aspects of my life. I’m a #boymom to 18 month old Asher & soon to be baby boy Miles (due in August 2019). I started my blog as a creative outlet to share all things beauty and it quickly evolved to be so much more. It allows me to be open about motherhood, share my style, and give you an inside look at my day to day life. My family and I currently just moved from the big city of ATL back to our roots of KY.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @simplybethanyxo

Follow along with me on my blog: simplybethany.com

Forever Freckled

Forever Freckled is a new lifestyle blog created by three sisters that provide expert advice to parents in a fun and approachable way. It all started with something simple yet powerful — sisterly advice. Three South Florida sisters, Katie, Alison & Carrie, all have unique journeys and expertise as moms, sisters, daughters, wives, friends and professionals. Katie is a board certified pediatrician specializing in Pediatric ER, Alison is a well-regarded veterinarian and business owner with an established animal hospital, and Carrie is a fashion stylist who spent years in NYC in the fashion industry and has begun her own styling business.

On Forever Freckled lives an amazing collection of knowledge and advice which the authors share with each other and their engaged readers through this all-encompassing blog. Join them on their journey and share their knowledge and individual passions for children, friends, fashion, pets, wellness, and fun to help parents and pets lovers with sound sisterly advice for living well.

Follow along with us on Instagram: @foreverfreckledblog

Follow along with us on our Blog: foreverfreckled.com

Salty Blondes

We are Paige and Regan, two of the sisters behind the Salty Blondes blog. We started our blog with our third sister, Sidney, as a way to share all of our interests in one place. We blog mainly about our favorite fashion, food, and fitness tips, but have also started sharing our favorite mommy products we started having kids. Paige has two little boys – MJ and West. Regan has one little boy – Cal. We live near Salt Lake City, but grew up in San Diego where we embraced the salty air and sandy beaches, which is where we feel will always be “home”. Salty Blondes is an environment we have created where women can come together, get great ideas, and be inspired to better their lives!

Follow us on Instagram: @salty_blondes

Follow along on our blog: saltyblondes.com

Neha Gandhi (Love Playing Dressup)

Hello there! I am Neha Gandhi, author of the blog Love Playing Dressup. Love Playing Dressup was created from my love for writing and connecting with people. Playing Dressup to me means so much more than just pretty outfits and makeup – but creating the best version of your life. Love Playing Dressup encompass topics about personal style, beauty, décor, travel and lately motherhood and parenting topics. I get personal and share raw parts of my life there as well as the beautiful, fun and fabulous moments. And of course – like any obsessive mom – I love sharing pictures and stories of our baby girl, Zoe.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @loveplayingdressup

Follow along with me on my blog: loveplayingdressup.com

Valentina Guerrero (That Valentina Girl)

My name is Valentina, I’m 26 years old, and I live in Orlando, Florida. I work from home, and I have a 10-month-old baby boy named Carter. He is my first, and he is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I became an influencer a couple of years ago. My boyfriend is a musician and has numerous fans. They started following me, became interested in my pregnancy, and then my life with Carter. Now I have my own Youtube channel and Instagram accounts that are mommy-baby related, and over 86% of my viewers and subscribers are females (pregnant, mommies, or mommies-to-be). I love what I do, and I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work with brands like Dr. Browns.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @thatvalentinagirl

Watch on YouTube: youtube.com/thatvalentinagirl

Shaheen Khan (Lows to Luxe)

Hi there! I am originally a Kentucky girl who now lives in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, IL with my husband Trevor and our one year old son Zain. I moved here 8 years ago after finishing dental school to pursue a residency at Loyola University. Shortly after, I decided to explore the blogging world and Lows to Luxe was born. It’s now become a place to explore and inspire fun and attainable style, share all things motherhood, swap your favorite recipes, and most recently talk home decor!


Follow along with me on Instagram: @lowstoluxe

Follow along with me on my blog: lowstoluxe.com

Sara Hodge (Pretty in Pink Mama)

I’m Sara, aka Pretty in Pink Mama, and I’m the thankful mother to two amazing boys, ages 4 years old and 9 months old. My social media (@prettyinpinkmama) is how I get to connect with other parents and guardians when I’m not chasing the kids, and working my day job. Follow me to find all of my favorite products, lifestyle and home decor happenings in our lives, and I also share about my health journey with Interstitial Cystitis (an autoimmune condition that manifested after I had my first child). Being a mom is my favorite thing, and I’m so excited to share in that joy with all of you! I love the outdoors, spending time with the kids, dancing and like most other people: TACOS. I haven’t made the transition from a pen-to-paper planner to a “digital calendar,” we don’t have cable t.v. (we just use streaming services) and I’m still very much into tradition of putting food on the table so we can talk about our day and look at each other instead of a screen. Thankful to Dr. Brown’s for having me, and so excited to see you over at @prettyinpinkmama!

Follow along with me on Instagram: @prettyinpinkmama

Watch on YouTube: bit.ly/youtubemama

Shay Moné

I’m Shay Moné, a fashion blogger residing in Houston, Texas with my husband (the man behind the camera) Ahmad, and my three children Ashton, Aubri, and Averi J. My life is changing daily raising three children, but one thing that always remains the same is my love and passion for fashion and home style. Shay Moné is an outlet for me to share my journey of my personal style, home decor, and all that life throws at me being a mom. I hope you follow along, and are inspired by what I have to share.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @Shaymone

Follow along with me on my blog: shaymone.com

Brett Firdman (Her Tasty Life)

Her Tasty Life is Brett Firdman, a Los Angeles native now living in Chicago with an eye for style and lifestyle trends. From travel guides and parenting tips, to holy grail beauty products and covet-worthy fashion, nothing is off limits. Brett loves sharing her life as a means to connect with other women, like her, who have a love for family, fashion, beauty and everything in between.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @hertastylife

Follow along with me on my blog: hertastylife.com

Mytha Reyna (Mytha’s Homestead)

My name is Mytha and I am a lifestyle and parenting blogger based in Texas. My blog is all about motherhood, beauty and everything in between. As a mother of two, I spend my days savoring all the moments I encounter, big and small. Life is too short to take for granted, living a life filled with love and gratitude is what keeps me living a humble lifestyle. I enjoy creating and managing digital content to build relationships for businesses and individuals in a storytelling manner.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @mythashomestead

Follow along with me on my blog: mythashomestead.com

Lauren Fondaw (Wife Styles)

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a northern girl wishing she could fly south and stay forever! I’m a wifey to Justin, BOY mama to Liam and Logan, a blogger and a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I love family togetherness, a fun DIY project, all things fashion, decor and a good surprise. I’m a chronic over-thinker and a major perfectionist. I survive daily on faith and iced coffee!

Follow along with me on Instagram: @_wifestyles_

Follow along with me on my blog: wifestylesblog.com

Bethany Downing (Kiss Me Darling)

I’m Bethany, the writer behind the life and personal style blog, Kiss Me Darling. My husband and I currently live in Central New Jersey with our three adorable little boys, who keep our days pretty busy. We recently introduced our newest family member in June. I started my blog to share my personal style, featuring affordable items that work for a mom on-the-go. I firmly believe you don’t need to break the bank to look and feel great. It has evolved into an outlet for me to not only share and write about my personal style, but also my favorite baby gear, kids clothing, home decor, beauty products, etc.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @kissmedarlingxo

Follow along on my blog: kissmedarlingblog.com

Jessica Fay

I am Jessica Fay, the founder of Lipstick, Heels and a Baby – founded in 2012! As a mother of two boys (Braydon, 4; Walker, 2), and soon to be our first girl, I understand the value of providing the best for your children while not sacrificing your own needs. My blog offers advice on how to feel and live your best, most beautiful life, while not sacrificing practicality and sensibility. It also provides style, beauty and mothering tips I have found helpful, as well as stories about traveling and our lifestyle.

Follow along with us on Instagram: @lipstickheelsandababy

Follow along with us on my Blog: lipstickheelsandababy.com

Kathy Croman and Cindy Pearlstein

We are two sisters (Kathy & Cindy) who both live in Hawaii. Through years of traveling, working in the fashion and beauty industry, and now the journey of motherhood, we want to offer the best of the best to our followers. We would like to share our experiences and insights on how to be a chic, jet-setting mama while maintaining beauty, style and glamour in everyday life. We also contribute to major media outlets like Popsugar and AOL.

Follow along with us on Instagram: @islandfeversisters

Follow along with us on our Blog: www.islandfeversisters.com

Elizabeth Cannon

I am a teacher-turned-stay-at-home mama to a sassy toddler, Elouise (2 ½ years), and son, Sullivan (9 months). I live in sunny Southern California, where my husband Christian and I love taking family adventures to the beach, Disneyland and anywhere else we can manage to get in our blue minivan. I share all about motherhood and our crazy life over on my blog, Mrs. Seacannon.

Follow along with me on Instagram: @mrsseacannon

Follow along with me on my Blog: mrsseacannon.com

Kelly Larkin

Hi! I’m the founder of Kelly in the City, a Chicago-based life and style blog. I live in the Windy City’s Lincoln Park neighborhood with my husband, Mitch; our two-month-old daughter, Emma; and our miniature dachshund, “Noodle.” Kelly in the City is where I chronicle our adventures, share my thoughts and explore topics in fashion, motherhood, travel, home decor, photography and city living. My blog is a creative outlet I can’t imagine my life without!

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @kellyinthecity

Follow along with me on my Blog: kellyinthecity.com

Jacqui Saldana

I’m Jacqui Saldana and I run Baby Boy Bakery, the popular lifestyle blog. I am also the founder of Baby Boy Bakery Kids. Baby Boy Bakery Kids is a brand that houses parent and child friendly products designed to enhance memory keeping and engagement within the kitchen. I am a mother of two and dedicate my life to living in the moment with my family. My zest for life and strong will to continue on despite my struggles keeps my online community inspired daily.

You can follow along with me on Instagram: @babyboybakery

Follow along with me on my Blog: www.babyboybakery.com/blog

Kate Brennan (The Chic Series)

I am the founder of The Chic Series blog. I live with my husband and two little girls, Isabella (3 1/2 years) and Summer (1 year) in Charlotte, NC. The Chic Series has evolved into a lifestyle brand where a busy mom who loves to workout shares simple, relatable fashion, natural beauty tips and all things fitness. To simplify the blog’s mission, it is “the sweaty mom’s guide to getting her chic together.” I have three passions in life: family, fitness and inspiring women to look good and feel good. .

Follow along with me on Instagram: @thechicseries

Follow along with me on my Blog: thechicseries.com