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Transition to Big Kid Cup

Transition to Big Kid Cup with Dr. Brown’s Milestones™ Cheers360™ Spoutless Transition Cup

When should baby begin slowly transitioning to a big kid cup? One that’s wide open, filled with spill-able, stainable liquid that will end up everywhere but in her mouth?

Here’s everyone’s favorite answer: It depends. But we can say that you don’t have to wait until your little one is consistently coordinated enough to avoid leaving a trail everywhere she goes. You can begin transitioning baby to an adult cup sooner than you think with the Dr. Brown’s Milestones™ Cheers360™ Spoutless Transition Cup.

How to Transition to a Big Kid Cup

Using Dr. Brown’s Milestones™ Cheers360™ Spoutless Transition Cup

The Cheers360 Cup is big-hands-free, meaning you don’t have to hold it for baby every time she takes a drink. Just show them how to bring it to their mouth and let their previously learned sippy skills take effect.

A good time to consider working towards adult cups is when baby starts showing signs of mimicking and preferences. If she wants to do what you do, let that include drinking from an adult cup – but her very own special Cheers360 Cup.

Fill the Cheers360 Cup with water, breast milk or formula; the more desirable the contents, the more likely baby will happily accept it. Begin the transition when schedules are consistent and no big changes (like moving or switching daycare) are on the horizon.


Three Cheers for New Sipping Skills

The Cheers360 Spoutless Transition Cup from Dr. Brown’s comes with a load of features intended specifically to aid in big kid cup transitions. It’s designed to be used after a bottle sippy spout or straw cup, but it just depends on your kiddo’s preferences. Let’s break down how the Cheers360 cup can build new sipping skills:

360-degree sipping: Just like a regular cup, no matter where baby puts their mouth on the Cheers360 cup, they can sip from any edge.

Sip-and-see clear silicone valve: Tipped too much, a big kid cup can quickly become a flawed way to wash your kids face. The clear silicone valve on the top of the Cheers360 Cup, though, lets baby see the liquid without the spills so you don’t have to be on stand-by or hold the cup for them. It’s truly independent, leak-free learning.

Grip-and-sip options: The Cheers360 Spoutless Transition Cup comes in two different helpful designs. The smaller 7 oz/200 ml cup features sturdy handles for hands that need some help with gripping. The 10 oz/300 ml cup comes in a narrow design for comfortable grip with little hands, teaching them to hold a cup with confidence.

Removable Valve: When baby has developed stronger drinking and coordination skills, up the cup game and remove the clear silicone valve. The slatted lid still works to slow down the amount of liquid that comes out of the cup, giving baby a chance to get used to an upgraded way of drinking.

Designed with Care: The Cheers360 cup features translucent sides that tell mom when it’s time for a refill – which means you don’t have to take off the top just to check. Plus, we made the cup mimic big kid cups, giving it a beveled design so baby can feel like they’re in it with you.

Easy Clean and Assembly: There are just 3 pieces to the Cheers360 cup; the silicone valve, lid, and cup. It quickly assembles for sipping and disassembles for cleaning. And it’s top-rack dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean-ups.

Transitioning to big kid cups doesn’t have to wait until baby is no longer a baby. With the Cheers360 Cup, she’ll go from sippy cup to sipping like an adult – without the mess. For questions about the Dr. Brown’s® Milestones™ Cheers360™ Spoutless Transition Cup and where to find them, get in touch with us today!

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