Dr. Brown’s™ Gripebelt™ Colic Swaddling Belt
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Dr. Brown’s™ Gripebelt™ Colic Swaddling Belt

Dr. Brown’s™ Gripebelt™ safely soothes baby’s upset belly while providing natural gas and colic relief.

  • Doctor-designed adjustable heated tummy wrap provides warmth and a gentle compress
  • Help relieve pain associated with colic, reflux and gas
  • Clay pack can also be frozen to treat aches and pains


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No Gripes about GripeBelt™

The baby heating pad uses extra-soft fabric to comfort your gassy baby, while the crinkly ears, accordion arms and colorful tags engage baby in sensory exploration. The Gripebelt comes with microwaveable hot pack and is easy to assemble – simply warm the included natural clay pack in the microwave, secure the adjustable baby belt to gently compress baby’s belly, and engage baby.

Warning: Product can cause burns if too hot or left on for too long. Remove immediately at any sign of irritation or distress. Do not leave on during sleep. Do not secure strap too tightly. Monitor during use.

  • Handwash only
  • 3m+
Dr. Brown's Dr. Brown’s™ Gripebelt™ Colic Swaddling Belt