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Baby with Advantage Pacifier in mouth

Product Highlight: Dr. Brown’s™ Advantage™ Pacifier

Every once in a while, a baby product comes along that manages to be functional, effective – and adorable! And that’s exactly how we’d describe the Dr. Brown’s® Advantage™ Pacifier. Which is why we named it what we did; because not only is it a pacifier with a ton of advantages, but it gives acceptance the – you guessed it – advantage!

Check out all the benefits to the new Advantage™ Pacifier, and why it’s the pacifier designed with baby’s acceptance in mind.

Fully Symmetrical Soother

No matter which way the Advantage goes into baby’s mouth, it’s the right way. This fully symmetrical soother fits perfectly right side up or upside down, which means that even when baby puts it back in their mouths themselves, they’ll always get it on the first try. You don’t have to fix it for them – score one for baby!

Rounded Bulb Shape

Some babies love the rounded shape of the Advantage™ Pacifier because their tongue naturally rests underneath the nipple. The same resting position happens when baby nurses, so it’s more likely they’ll accept the shape of Advantage for comfort sucking.

Shield Design

When baby is using a pacifier, it’s often pressed up against their faces and sometimes their nose. If the shield shape isn’t breathable, then moisture can build up on skin with nowhere to go. This can result in skin irritation around baby’s mouth. The Advantage™ Pacifier helps prevents that with the highly breathable shape, ensuring air reaches baby’s sensitive skin.

Two Stages

Advantage™ Pacifiers grow with baby! Start them on the 0-6 months size that features a smaller shield and bulb designed for tiny noses and mouths. As they grow, you can graduate them to the 6 – 18 months size that fits growing faces. Both offer the same benefits!

Extra Advantages

With all that the Advantage™ Pacifier has to offer baby, it has a lot to offer mom and dad, too. Choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors, even more than pictured here! Find a pattern that fits your baby’s personality perfectly – like the lab theme for the inquisitive mind or the starry theme for your night owl.

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