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Infant with Ecru Dragon Lovey

Meet the Loveys

Who are the Loveys?

Loveys are a baby’s best friend, ready to accompany them wherever they go and offer some comfort when things get a little overwhelming. There are 10 different Loveys made to be there for baby, each equipped with a HappyPaci™ to soothe little ones’ nerves and make them smile. Each Lovey is designed to hold a pacifier, teething ring, or both, depending on baby’s preferences.

But there’s more to Loveys than this; each one is special! Learn more about them all right here, and who knows? You and your tot might even find some common interests you can bond over when they come home with you.

Darcy the Deer Lovey

Darcy the Deer

Birthday: June 25th (National Hug a Deer Day)

Favorite Food: Roses

Favorite Color: Purple

Likes: Gracefully loping through the forest, fresh fruit, and bunnies.

Dislikes: Winter, loud noises, and onions.

Gerry the Giraffe Lovey

Gerry the Giraffe

Birthday: June 21st (World Giraffe Day)

Favorite Food: The highest apple on the tree

Favorite Color: Yellow

Likes: Stretching, neck rubs, and people looking up to me.

Dislikes: Competition, small talk, and animal print fashion.

Lonny the Lion Lovey

Lonny the Lion

Birthday: August 10th (World Lion Day)

Favorite Food: Steak, rare.

Favorite Color: Red

Likes: Zebra, gazing regally across the savannah, and pouncing.

Dislikes: Cheetahs, baths, and vegetables.

Sylvie the Sloth Lovey

Sylvie the Sloth

Birthday: October 20th (International Sloth Day)

Favorite Food: Figs

Favorite Color: Brown

Likes: Sleeping, swimming, and smiling.

Dislikes: Rushing, bad vibes, and being covered in algae.

Russ the Red Panda Lovey

Russ the Red Panda

Birthday: September 15th (International Red Panda Day)

Favorite Food: Bamboo

Favorite Color: Blue. What?

Likes: Climbing, shade, and being adorable.

Dislikes: Surprises, crying, and lack of cuddles.

Teddy the Triceratops Lovey

Teddy the Triceratops

Birthday: June 1st (National Dinosaur Day)

Favorite Food: Broccoli

Favorite Color: Green

Likes: Having cool horns, family, and theme parks.

Dislikes: T-Rexes, bad smells, and when the sky starts falling.

Pinky the Dinosaur Lovey

Pinky the Dinosaur

Birthday: June 1st (National Dinosaur Day)

Favorite Food: Kale

Favorite Color: Pink!

Likes: Tall trees, stomping, and being pink.

Dislikes: Velociraptors, big crowds, and when the sky starts falling.

Danny the Dragon Lovey

Danny the Dragon

Birthday: January 16th (Appreciate a Dragon Day)

Favorite Food: Anything charred

Favorite Color: Jewel tones

Likes: Flying, burning things, and roaring.

Dislikes: Wizards, treasure thieves, and being told what to do.

Uny the Unicorn Lovey

Uny the Unicorn

Birthday: April 9th (National Unicorn Day)

Favorite Food: Funfetti cake

Favorite Color: All the colors!

Likes: Magic, moonlight, and being beautiful.

Dislikes: Centaurs, thunderstorms, and bad manners.

Who do you want to take home to snuggle and soothe baby? There’s no wrong choice, any one of them is ready to have and to hold your little one’s pacifiers and teethers. Just try to be mindful of their likes and dislikes, and they’ll do the same for you. Here’s to a long and loving friendship between baby and Lovey!

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