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Dr. Brown's Pacidose on kitchen counter

How to Give Baby Liquid Medicine Using Dr. Brown’s™ Pacidose™

Giving baby liquid medicine doesn’t have to be difficult! Help ensure baby gets the right dose every time using Dr. Brown’s Pacidose. Check out these steps to filling Pacidose, giving baby liquid medicine, and cleaning.

Dr. Brown's Pacidose, How to Give Baby Liquid Medicine Using Dr. Brown's Pacidose

Give the Right Dose with Pacidose™. Fuss free Liquid Medicine Dispenser. Bulb and syringe work together to: Ensure baby is getting the full dose of medicine. Push medicine through the bulb. Bypass baby’s taste buds. Avoid pooling in baby’s cheeks. No more yucky taste!

Ensure the Right Dose with Pacidose Features a bulb with a familiar shape. Comes with two bulb sizes to fit growing mouths. Has accurate tsp and mL measurements. Bulb works with most standard oral syringes.

How to Use Pacidose Preparation 1. Wash your hands. 2. Remove the top from the medicine bottle and insert the syringe. 3. Insert the syringe into the bottle and pull the plunger until the medicine reaches the volume required. 4. Connect the bulb to the syringe

How to Use Pacidose: Giving Medicine 1. Make sure your child is sitting upright. 2. Place bulb in baby’s mouth. When they begin to suck, gently assist with syringe 3. Allow your child to swallow before continuing. Slowly push the plunger as baby sucks to ensure baby comfortably swallows the complete dose

How to Use Pacidose Cleaning Up 1. When you have given the whole dose, take the syringe apart and rinse all parts. 2. Put in dishwasher (top rack) to wash and let air dry before reassembling.

Tips to Success Give medication when your child is hungry. Before using the first time, dip Pacidose into milk, formula, or other liquid and let your baby taste it. Give other liquids through Pacidose so your child trusts it.

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