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“Happy Babies”

Customer Story

Thalia’s story, mom to Nayeli

My oldest daughter is almost 4. When she was born I had the hardest time dealing with colic every night. I tried all the possible bottles out there along with gas medicines to help but nothing worked. I was at my husband’s job one day visting him for lunch and he was telling this older lady about how gassy our baby was. She said that there were these bottles called Dr. Brown bottles and that her granddaughter was using them on her baby since her baby was colic also and it went away. So I went to Babies ‘R Us to go and check it out since I had enough of sleepless nights and her not being a happy baby because of her stomach. I bought the bottles and already the first night of using them, I could already tell a difference. And I used them up until she was ready for sipppy cups. I recommend these bottles to everyone who is having a baby. Since I thought that my oldest daughter had a sensitive stomach I though that my youngest daughter would be ok with the regular special air flow bottles. The first week that I brought her home, she had no troubles with gas. The second week she cried all night just wasn’t happy I made my husband do a night run to Walmart to get these bottles since I already knew what would help. Needless to say, she has only had that one night of a colic episode. No problems burping… she is now 4 months old and I really swear by these bottles. I cant wait to try out new products as she gets older.

mom to Nayeli

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