Cali drinking from Dr. Brown's bottle

“Cali's adventure, told by aunt Lianna”

Customer Story

Lianna’s story, friend to Cali

From day one Cali was always a fussy baby. Spitting up and gassy. She had a strange face whenever she spitup so at a doctor appointment her mommy asked why this was a problem. Turns out Cali had G.E.R.D. I talked to one of my coworkers about fussy butt and she suggested using the Dr. Brown bottles. At the last hope Cali’s mommy and daddy decided to run and get a bottle. Best decision ever, Cali was happy, less gassy and fussy. Now at a year old and no longer bottle feeding she uses the cups. Love Dr. Brown, I am 8 mo pregnant and will use nothing but to feed my daughter.

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