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Savannah drinking from bottle

“Savannah Lynn: little trooper”

Customer Story

Leila’s story, mom to Savannah

I gave birth to a perfect 9 lb 7 oz baby girl on August 20, 2015. She had a very rough start to her precious life. She came out blue and had trouble breathing, low blood sugar, jaundice, high red blood cell count, and tummy problems. She would throw up violently after almost every bottle! We found out she had bad acid reflux. We had been using the Avent, Nuk, & MaM bottles. We decided to try the Dr Brown bottles in addition with reflux medicine & voila we had a new baby! She was less fussy, wasn’t throwing up (just normal spit up), and a total happy baby! I recommend these bottles to every new parent. They made our little one so much happier which i was so happy there was someway I could make her rough start a little better! Thank you so much Dr Brown!

mom to Savannah

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