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Harper-lillie drinking from sippy cup

“Badly colic baby”

Customer Story

Crystal’s story, mom to Harper-lillie

When my daughter was born back in April 2018 she was badly jaundice from a rare blood disorder and was taken from me the day she was born to a nicu 45 mins away. She was only a week early and 7 lbs 6 oz but had to stay for 3 weeks from her bilirubin levels being out of control. I wanted to breast feed only but life throws things at u unexpected and it doesn’t always go the way you want. I had to supplement with formula and pump for her but the only bottle that she could use was doctor brown cause she had such a hard time with gas and colic. Once she came home it was even worse but Dr Brown bottles saved me and my baby. Any other bottle she would fuss around and not be able to eat comfortably but Dr Brown bottles made it easy for her. Now she has Dr Brown sippy cup at 7 months old and loves it. The transition was so easy. Thank u Dr Brown’s!!

mom to Harper-lillie

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