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“Remington's story.”

Customer Story

Candy’s story, mom to Remington

My son, Remington just turned 3 months old yesterday. He was diagnosed with Gerds and the silent type of acid reflux and had colic really bad when he wasn’t even a month old. There was many encounters where he would just start choking. Scared the life outta me and the spit up coming out his nose and mouth was insane! This has caused me to stay with him 24/7. He was put on medicine which has helped alot. But the only way he will take his medicine is if its mixed with milk. And he is breastfed strictly. Except for twice a day for his meds. I tried bottle after bottle and finally found one he will take for those twice a day feedings. All the others would make his acid reflux seem worse even on the meds. Now with Dr Browns he’s a much happier baby! Feeding him twice a day with his Dr. Browns bottle has helped with everything. As with the other bottles he would automatically start bringing all the milk up which caused the medicine not to help at all. He has the special addition bottle with the heart that says…I love you to the moon and back! His bottle has truly made a huge difference in him! Thanks Dr. Browns! Going to be getting more Dr. Browns bottles, as i will be returning back to work eventually. #DrBrown’sBaby. We love Dr.Browns

mom to Remington

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