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“Dr. Browns Bottles truly are the BEST!”

Customer Story

Ashley’s story, mom to Amelia

First off my baby was a premie .From the very beginning my Amelia had feeding problems. Then we found out she had bad reflux and has to be keeled at a 30 degree angle at all times. Every time she ate till she was almost 3 months old she would only take in 1-2 oz at a time. The doctor had put her on acid reflux medicine and said that’s all we can do. She would throw up constantly and have bad gas. We had tried 4 different bottles and still no luck. Her pediatrician said since she is having so much trouble with her feedings we are sending you to a peds GI specialist. So my last hope was the dr. Browns bottles. And now my Amelia eats what she is suppose to if not more. In 2 days I have met a completely differant happy vibrant baby.NOw she loves to eat and chugs it down! Thank you HandiCraft for making a great product!

mom to Amelia

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