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“Lillie's story...”

Customer Story

Amanda’s story, mom to Lillie

I was not planning on needing bottles I was planning on Exclusivly breastfeeding Lillie. But she came and she had some very minor complications and we had to supplement… I was in tears about it (new mommy hormones are not fun). The lactation consultant assured me that I would still be able to breastfeed. Well she got used to the bottle and even with many consultations with a lactation consultant I am now exclusively pumping for Lillie. We tried a different bottle at first and she got extremely gassy and was very uncomfortable and mom and dad were exhausted. We then tried the Dr. Browns Natural Flow bottle that the lactation consultant gave us. Gas problems solved. Yes they have more parts to clean but hey whats two more parts when you have all the pumping supplies to wash also.

mom to Lillie

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