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Baby bottle pouring into breast milk storage bag

10 Breast Milk Storage Tips

by Kate Arquilla, MS, RN, CBC

We work HARD for that liquid gold! But what’s the best way to care for breast milk? Here are 10 tips to store breast milk safely and efficiently.

breast milk storage bag label

breast milk stored in the fridge

thawed breast milk

storing breastmilk storage bags

breast milk bricks

Freezing breast milk

storing breastmilk in Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher


breast milk for your babys skin, breast milk teether, breast milk mixed with purees

breast feeding encouragement reminders and notes

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About the author:

Kate Arquilla, MS, RN, CBC

NICU RN, Breastfeeding Counselor + Sleep Consultant

Founder and owner of, an educational blog and consulting service dedicated to empowering parents to make decisions and navigate through parenthood. Follow @bumblebaby on Instagram.

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