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Keeping Baby's World Clean™

We are on a mission to work towards creating a sustainable future for growing families because we know that a healthy planet plays a big part in raising healthy children.

Dr Brown's + plasticbank

At Dr. Browns we are committed to future generations and the planet we are leaving for them. We believe in protecting baby’s future by keeping baby’s world clean. Dr. Browns is proud to partner with Plastic Bank – a global leader in stopping ocean plastic.

With each sustainable step taken in each part of our product design, packaging choice and manufacturing decisions, we can help to ensure for a brighter future. Our products are designed to grow with baby—allowing for longer use and less clutter, and we are working to ensure that all packaging is recyclable and free from single use plastics by 2025.

The bottle that grows with baby.

Dr. Brown’s bottles are designed to grow with baby through many important feeding milestones. The nipples provide clinical precision in six distinct flow rates that allow parents to provide the most comfortable feeding experience as baby grows.

Baby bottles

Continue to use the bottle by adding sippy spouts and straws as baby graduates from bottle to cup!

Baby bottles in packaging

More than 95% of Dr. Brown's outer bottle packaging is made with recycled paperboard and is free from single use plastics.

Made in the USA

Also, 30% of our bottles are made in the USA, which saves approximately 400 tons of CO2 emissions annually.


Recycling baby bottles—
by the numbers.

Baby bottle parts

Throw them in the recycling bin!

#5 Polypropylene plastic components are widely accepted for most single-stream recycling programs.

Mother feeding baby

Endless potential

Glass baby bottle vessels are 100% recyclable and can be recycled repeatedly without any loss in quality or purity.

Baby bottle parts

Special treatment

Silicone can be recycled but the process is specialized. So much so that it should be sent to a dedicated silicone recycling company to be properly treated.

Baby bottle parts

It’s a local thing

#7 plastics are in a class of materials that should be treated as source-separated, so before you toss it in a recycling bin, contact your local recycling center for more information.

Baby bottle being washed with brush

Rinse & recycle

Before recycling bottles and parts, make sure they are clean(ish). A quick rinse is really all you need to make sure they are recycle-ready.

Certified plastic neutral by plasticbank

Sustainable Essentials.

Learn more about Dr. Brown’s Baby Bath Essentials

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