Baby Care Kit

Keep baby groomed and healthy with Dr. Brown’s Baby Care Kit. The Baby Care Kit contains four essential baby care and grooming items in one convenient kit, including a soft bristle brush and fine tooth comb to gently detangle baby’s soft hair, a nasal aspirator to safely clear blockages in baby’s nose, and rounded-tip nail scissors that allow you to trim baby’s delicate fingernails. The rounded-tip nail scissors also include a protective cover for baby’s safety. BPA-free.

Brush and Comb Gently Detangle Baby’s Hair
The soft bristle brush and fine-tooth comb are designed to gently detangle baby’s soft hair. The fine-tooth comb features rounded tips to prevent scratching on baby’s scalp. The soft bristle brush and comb stimulate baby’s scalp and can alleviate cradle cap with regular use.

Nasal Aspirator Clears Blockages
The Nasal Aspirator is easy to use and quickly clears blockages in baby’s nose to relieve nasal congestion. Simply squeeze the aspirator bulb while placing the tip of the aspirator in baby’s nostril and gently release bulb to create a vacuum, drawing out the blockage from baby’s nasal passages. Clean the aspirator after every use with warm, soapy water.

Rounded-Tip Nail Scissors Safely Trim Baby’s Nails
Easily trim along the natural curve of baby’s fingernails with the Rounded-Tip Nail Scissors. The Nail Scissors feature a rounded-tip to prevent accidents when trimming baby’s delicate fingernails. Balanced handle loops are easy to grip and trim. The Rounded-Tip Nail Scissors also include a protective cover for baby’s safety.

Dr. Brown’s Baby Care Kit is part of a complete family of products that grow with your baby, including bottles and bottle accessories, breastfeeding products, pacifiers, teethers, cups, solid feeding, and baby care.