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Meet the New Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options+™ Bottle

Your baby bottle options have never been better, with the new Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Options+™ Bottle! Check out all the features and updates to the Options+™ Narrow and Wide-Neck bottles, and how they give baby an even better bottle feeding experience.

The Plus Side of Wide-Neck

New Wide-Neck Nipple

Meet the new Options+ Wide-Neck Nipple, featuring a correctly contoured, breast-like shape that helps baby properly latch for a more natural bottle feeding experience. It’s perfect for babies who are switching from breast to bottle and back again, and moms who exclusively bottle feed but want something shaped more like nature.

Why the change? Because moms asked for it! Created alongside medical professionals, this nipple design is borrowed right from nature, made of a soft silicone that starts flexible at the nipple and gradually firms, helping baby comfortably latch and avoid nipple confusion. Here are a few more plus points to the new Options+ Wide-Neck Bottle (and Narrow bottle!):

  • Grip Collar: Divots throughout the new collar help you get a good grip for simpler twisting and untwisting.
  • Easy-Off Cap: A finger-sized indentation on the cap lets you pop it off with one hand while holding your hangry baby with the other.

All these new features make this our best Wide-Neck yet. But what else does the “plus” in Options+ mean? We’re glad you asked.

Enhanced Internal Vent System

In both the Dr. Brown’s® Options+™ Narrow and Wide-Neck bottles, the internal vent system has gotten an enhanced update. It brings back features from our Original Bottle but still allows you to remove the internal vent system when baby’s feeding develops, making it the best of both bottles!

It’s Still One-of-a-Kind

Regardless of all the great new features, both the Narrow and Wide-Neck bottles’ internal vent system works the same – and is still the only one of its kind on the market.

And it has all the same benefits for baby. Benefits like:

  1. Clinically Proven to Reduce Colic

Symptoms of colic can be reduced by Dr. Brown’s bottle. That’s thanks to the internal vent system, which channels air away from the contents of the bottle and eliminates negative pressure – which means no air in baby’s belly and less feeding problems. The plus? It also helps decrease spit-up, burping and gas.

       2. Preserves Nutrients

Because air is channeled away from the milk or formula, it also reduces the impact air has on the contents of the bottle. Thus, nutrients like vitamins C, A, & E are better preserved – so more goes to your little one with each feeding.

      3. Offers a Feeding Experience Similar to Breastfeeding

Because Dr. Brown’s bottles eliminate negative pressure, liquid can steadily flow from the nipple. When baby sucks from the bottle it opens the flow, much like breastfeeding. This helps make switching back and forth between bottle and breastfeeding a breeze. And with the new Wide-Neck nipple, you’ll have the perfect breastfeeding bottle.

But the Narrow bottle also offers a more breastfeeding-like experience. The unique manufacturing process makes the nipple flow rate between same-level nipples, well, the same, so baby knows what to expect each time.

     4. Helps with Happy Sleeping™

A gassy baby isn’t going to settle easily – and feeding time can trigger an upset tummy. The type of bottle you use can be a cause of air getting into baby’s belly but not with Dr. Brown’s. Our bottle is fully vented, which reduces gas and reflux, helping baby go down better at naptime and bedtime.

It’s Still the Bottle Parents and Pediatricians Love

For over 20 years, Dr. Brown’s has been chosen by babies, parents, and pediatricians as the best bottle on the market. And now Options+ gives everyone more to love, with great new features like the Wide-Neck nipple, the new collar and easy-off cap on both bottles, and the enhanced internal vent system that’s the best yet.

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