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Fun Ways to Make a Pregnancy Announcement

You find out you are pregnant. Excitement, fear, sheer joy, back to scared – these are just some of the feelings that come with this news. Then there’s the second thought: Who do I tell? When do I let people know? The short of it is: Whoever you want and whenever you’d like. It’s personal. That said, here are some things to think about as you make those decisions – and some clever ideas for sharing your news.

Who Do You Tell About Your Pregnancy?

Again, that’s up to you! Of course, you might want to tell your partner. After that, some want to tell the world while others start with their closest relative or friend. Having that one person you trust (besides your partner), someone to confide in and keep your secret before you’re ready to share the news, can alleviate a little bit of pressure. Whoever you tell, consider that at least some of them might just be too excited to keep it to themselves. That can lead to the wrong people hearing it second-hand – which can have consequences depending on who those people are. For many, that’s where the pregnancy announcement comes in.

When to Make Your Pregnancy Announcement

While many wait until after the first trimester and the concern of miscarriage lessens, it really comes down to what feels comfortable to you. When you let those beyond your inner circle in on your good news can depend on your history, how extroverted or introverted you are, and even how big your outer circle is. Some prefer to never announce it, whereas others want to find the most creative way to share.

If you fall closer to the latter, then take notes, because we have some seriously cute ways others have made their pregnancy announcements. Which one is your favorite? How did you tell everyone? How would you share if you got pregnant again? Check out these creative pregnancy announcements for some great ideas!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Baby Props

Whether it’s shirts, shoes, toys, or even Dr. Brown’s bottles, there’s a never-ending array of baby props that will adorably tell the world you’re expecting. The ideas are endless, but some popular approaches include:

  • Teething rings placed next to wedding rings
  • Stuffed animals wearing tiny t-shirts announcing the news
  • Use of building blocks or well-known character figurines


Riddle Me This

For those who want to make others work to figure it out, there are dozens of cute riddles you can use to offer a subtle – or not-so-subtle – message. Some favorites include a math equation that doesn’t quite add up, fun plays on common words, and even cryptic signage that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Some more creative teasers include:

  • Brain teaser riddles handwritten on a sign – and, depending on which you choose, can cause a mental hiccup
  • More complex math puzzles and cryptograms that reveal the secret once solved
  • Rhyming riddles that not only fun to say but give your secret away


True to You

Who says you have to do something that doesn’t feel authentically, well, you? Take a page from many parents’ books who made their announcement in a way that was fully and completely their own. A few fun ideas for the most unique announcements are:

  • Reenacting a scene from or borrowing the theme of your favorite movie
  • Playing off a hobby you are well-known for in your circle of friends and family
  • Involving your beloved pets – who are, after all, your children, too


Surprising Grandma

When it comes to letting the right people know and letting everyone else know, why not feed two birds with one scone? Do both at the same time by surprising your loved ones with the announcement and recording their reaction to share with everyone else. Here are a few ideas:

  • Snap pictures of any older sibling reactions and compile it into a single image with the announcement
  • There are dozens of products you can purchase to surprise the grandparents with the news
  • Surprise your parents with the sonogram and record their response


Showing the Sonogram

One of the coolest things that happens during pregnancy is when you get your sonograms throughout. You get to see your baby take shape in a way that, prior to this technology, we were never privy to. It’s many parents’ favorite ways to announce they’re pregnant, and the creative uses for it abound. Here are couple to get you started:

  • Place the sonogram on a wood board or in a frame that announces the date
  • Pair it with letter boards with a statement such as, “Oh baby!”
  • Put it in a creative, pre-made announcement card and mail it to your friends and family


Timely Themes

If either your announcement or your due date takes place during a certain time of year, you can have a lot of fun announcing your pregnancy using a theme that reflects the time. For example, if you’re announcing in September, you can use a fall theme to do so. Let’s look at a few thoughtful seasonal announcement ideas:

  • Red, White, and Due is a fun, 4th of July announcement that can be decorated on a sign or using props
  • Easter-related announcements have used eggs, chocolate Easter baby bunnies, and even an egg hunt with a letter on each, together spelling out the announcement
  • Wrapping your baby bump as a gift with the sign, Do Not Open Until [Due Date] is one option, while using Elf on the Shelf has been a growing popular idea

As you go along your pregnancy journey, check out all that Dr. Brown’s has to offer. Our full product line is made to grow with baby, from sleeping to feeding to breast care and more! Shop Dr. Brown’s products now.

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