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“Devin's Story”

Customer Story

Yari’s story, mom to Devin

Devin is our 1 year old. He is the first grandchild born on both mine and my husbands side. Most of the people in our family recomended a very poular bottle brand so we went with that. We stocked up before he was born. When he was born we had a very gassy baby. Once he was 2 months old it got worse, we switched formula and that did help but not 100%. He would wake up screaming in the middle of the might and it broke our hearts. So I went online and did some reaserch and many people were recommending Dr. Browns, so we made the switch. And the diffrence was astronomical. No more waking up screaming. We threw all the old bottles away and now we have a collection of Dr. Browns. And I recommend them to everyone 🙂

mom to Devin

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