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Amelia drinking from bottle

“Definitely our favorite bottles and cups.”

Customer Story

Mercedes story, mom to Amelia

As a first time mom I was so overwhelmed by all the different brands of bottles and sippy cups. I had received 2 options bottles for free for registering for my baby shower. I was determined to breastfeed as long as I could but I still needed bottles for pumped milk. At 6 months old my daughter decided she no longer wanted to nurse and just wanted her bottle. The only bottles she wanted where her Dr. Browns. We only had 2 at first and after talking to other moms, going to goodwill (brand new in box), and getting gifts with purchase we now have an entire shelf of them! Both 4oz and 8oz. Amelia is now 13 months old and the only sippy cup she wants is her Dr. Brown transition cup. We will definitely be using these bottles and cups for our next baby.

mom to Amelia

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