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Aubree Luna with pacifier in mouth

“Long nights with lots of hospital admissions”

Customer Story

Lauren’s story, mom to Aubree Luna

My daughter was born 3 days overdue and even though she was full term she had many complications. When she was born I tried to exclusively breastfeed but when she was constantly vomiting and constantly crying all the time I had to figure out something else. The doctors told me she had severe gerd and that she needed medicine to control hers. After trying [other] bottles the speech pathology therapist told me to try the dr brown bottles natural flow with a level one nipple… well, naturally I tried this and it worked!!! We thought this was the fix but even though these bottles work wonders we are still constantly admitted at the hospital with failure to thrive, but without these bottles we wouldn’t have gained as much weight as we did before we got our ng feeding tube. I find that these bottles work well with the feeding tube too!! It gives her room to breathe around her nose because the nipples are not interfering. I love these bottles and will use them with all my future children!!!! Thank you for making an impact on my life and changing Aubree’s life!!! We love your product

mom to Aubree

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