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“Autumn Is Now Teething”

Customer Story

Kaye’s story, mom to Autumn

Indeed, being a mother is the toughest job in the world especially for first time moms like me. Looking back, the first few weeks of breastfeeding have been especially challenging, not to mention those sleepless nights of staying awake to secure Autumn. It takes tons of patience and wisdom to understand your Baby’s needs. But hey, I survived the challenge and I am proud to say now – I am one great Mom too. Though this job – no overtime pay, no night shift differentials, no lunch breaks, no day-offs, but I tell you, the bonus is exceptional. Just a smile from your Baby – blow the cobwebs away. Now that Autumn is turning five months, I have noticed she became more irritable and unsettled because of her teething symptoms. I went to the nearest department store right away to find ways how to soothe her and the store attendant recommended Dr. Brown’s Flexees for health safety and durability. Aside from the fact that Dr. Brown’s Flexees is a solid silicone-based (other products are liquid filled and could leak), I so love the design that Autumn’s tiny hands can grip it. My Baby loves her Dr. Brown’s Flexees so much and that made me a happy mom. Yay!

mom to Autumn

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