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Skylar drinking from Dr. Brown's bottle

“Saving a Sensitive Tummy”

Customer Story

Jasmine’s story, mom to Skylar

My name is Jasmine McDonald, my daughter is name Skylar. I started out breastfeeding my daughter and about a month and a half. I stop because of lack of producing milk. I switch to formula and used other name brand bottles. That wasn’t so easy after breastfeeding, only at month, she had colic because of the bottles I was using at the time and her formula made her tummy was really sensitive. I talked to many people and they recommended the Dr. Brown’s bottles. Best investment I ever made for her. Colic was reduced, she is comfortable using it, calmer and happier! Just by me switching her formula and bottles made me a happy mom with a happy baby. I now invest everything to Dr. Brown!

mom to Skylar

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