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Sophia sleeping

“Sophia's Story”

Customer Story

Dana’s story, mom to Sophia

When Sophia was first born I had her as a strictly breastfed baby but it didn’t take long till the Dr’s were having me supplement her with formula because she had lost 12% of her body weight in 3 days. I used a different brand’s anti colic bottles and she took to switching back and forth between bottle feeding and breast feeding so well I thought I had it lucky till we went back to the dr. She still wasn’t gaining weight but she wasn’t loosing it either. So they made the decision to up her supplements. Well she slowly started not liking to nurse and began preferring bottle feedings to the point where she now will only nurse at night and bottle feed during the day. Right around 5 weeks old she started to get super gassy on the formula but I thought it was no big deal I could handle it since my first was lactose intolerant and it took us till about the same time to figure it out and she was always projectile vomiting. It then started to get so bad she was up screaming all the time especially when you tried to burp her and she was only comfortable in certain positions. Then there would be the times where she would cry unconsolably and it would take 20 minutes to get her to fully calm down. I got to the point where I would only be sleeping 2-4 hours in a 24hour period and there was one day I was up for 37hours straight with not even a nap. We got a dr’s appointment as soon as we could and had the discussion about colic and formula change. We switched to a new formula where the milk protein is partially broken down incase it was somewhat of a lactose issue and it is supposed to help with colic. I also talked with a few friends of mine who used Dr. Browns bottles religiously. I knew they are some of the top rated bottles and the only reason I didn’t pick them is because the other bottles I was using were supposed to be great for breast feeding moms. Well I made the switch on formula and she started to get better and then I switched to the dr browns and it was like and instant problem solver. Even though I was using the other anti colic bottles and its a very close and almost Identical design to Dr. browns it just didn’t seem to be doing the trick but its been almost an overnight change and I happy to be able to get some sleep for once.

mom to Sophia

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