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Transitioning to a big kid cup

When transitioning baby to an adult cup, some need to take baby steps, while others take a sippy cup early on. When to transition all comes down to you and your individual baby, but on average is at 6-9 months.

Signs baby is ready to transition:

  1. Baby can sit up on their own in the highchair
  2. Baby is ready for finger food

Tips to a successful transition

  • Eliminate Distractions: Avoid beginning the transition when you have other big life events happening, such as a move.
  • Try a Soft Spout: A soft spout cup will feel more familiar than hard plastic. While some babies jump right to hard plastic, some need a soft spout first.
  • Lend a Helping Hand: Touching the spout to the roof of your baby’s mouth will stimulate the suck reflex, which shows him the spout is like a nipple.
  • Substitute if Needed: Try putting just a bottle nipple in baby’s mouth to initiate sucking, and then switch to the sippy cup spout.
  • Get the Timing Right: Early on, avoid switching from bottle to cup during early morning and later-day feedings when babies tend to be fussier. Use mid-day feedings and then gradually switch over to all meal times.
  • Switch Up the Liquid: If you’re getting any resistance, experiment with milk or water. As your baby gets more used to the cup, she’ll get more content with whatever you put in it.
  • Don’t Give Up Too Fast If baby doesn’t take to a cup right away – don’t toss them! Give it a few weeks and try again. Most babies make the transition successfully.

Baby steps to sippy cup

If baby loves their bottle, a good idea is to transition to a sippy spout on your bottle first. Read more about sippy bottles and how to transition using them.

Bottle to cup transition chart

Babies have their own preferences and can hit a milestone sooner or later than “average”, and that’s okay! Experimenting and trying out different cups is key to helping your baby transition.

Check out the Bottle to Cup Transition Chart now.

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