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Getting started with Dr. Brown’s Nipples

How to choose the right nipple level

Most bottles offer various nipple levels that are tied to an age range (for example, 3 months+), but every infant has their own feeding style that is not necessarily a reflection of their age or size.

A majority of Dr. Brown’s bottles come with a Level 1 Nipple, which is a slow-flow nipple for newborn babies and older. That level may be too fast or too slow for your baby and you may need to adjust. It’s also common for baby to graduate to a faster flow as their feeding develops. There is no “right” time to change your baby’s nipple level. They’ll offer signs that the flow is too fast or slow for them.

Signs that the nipple level is too slow:

  • Baby is taking longer to finish eating
  • They become fussy or irritated while eating
  • They fall asleep during feeding

Signs that the nipple flow is too fast:

  • Gulping
  • Hard swallowing
  • Coughing
  • Choking
  • Milk dripping from the mouth
  • Refusing the bottle

Learn more about choosing the right nipple levels

How to clean bottle nipples

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush is designed to clean the inside and outside of Dr. Brown’s Nipples. Using the chevron tip at the bottom of the Bottle Brush, clean inside the nipple with hot, soapy water. Use the sponge to clean the outside of the nipple, focusing on the area baby latches to ensure no left-over milk is in the nipple hole. Our bottle nipples are also dishwasher safe (top rack only).

When to replace bottle nipples

Over time, bottles nipples can take a beating. We recommend checking your bottle nipples every two to three months for signs it needs to be replaced. Those signs include:

  • Liquid is coming out of the hole faster
  • Discoloration
  • Residue that does not come off during a wash
  • Torn or nicked nipples
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