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Parent kissing infant with Advantage pacifier

Choosing the Right Pacifier: HappyPaci™ and Advantage™ from Dr. Brown’s

“Bottles 101”: A Pediatrician’s View

Author: Dr. Katie Friedman

How to Treat Gassy Babies

Author: Dr. Katie Friedman

Comfort Foods: What To Feed Your Sick Toddler

Transitioning from Bottle to Cup: Tips from a Pediatrician Parent

Author: Dr. Katie Friedman
Toddler kissing newborn sibling

How to Prepare Toddler for The Arrival of a New Baby

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

A Smooth Transition: Helping Your Toddler Move from Crib to Bed

Parent putting nipple shields in sterilizing case

The Lactation Consultant’s Nipple Shield Basics

Author: Leana L. Thompson, RN, BSN, IBCLC
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