Salty Blondes


We are Paige, Regan, and Sidney—three sisters from California, currently living in Utah. We live near Salt Lake City, but grew up in San Diego where we embraced the salty air and sandy beaches. This is where we feel will always be “home,” hence the name of our blog, “Salty Blondes.”

Salty Blondes is an environment we’ve created where women can come together, get great ideas, and be inspired to better their lives! The three of us have very different, yet distinctly unique talents and strengths, so we wanted to share them together in one place.

Paige is the oldest sister and has a knack for style and fashion. She has two boys – MJ (4) and West (1). Regan is the second oldest and is our organizer, chef, and homemaker. She has a little boy with special needs, Cal (3), and a new baby girl, Scarlett. Sidney is the youngest sister and is our fitness guru. She has the best workouts and clean eating tips around, and just had her first baby girl, Tori.

We feel we have a lot to share, and that’s exactly what we want to do! #ShareTheGoodness is a phrase you’ll be seeing a lot on our various posts and social media outlets. It’s a motto that we feel encompasses exactly what we want to accomplish here.

We hope with this site we are able to #ShareTheGoodness in our lives with others, and bring some joy and goodness to your life as well.


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