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12 Tips and Essentials for Traveling with Baby for the First Time

Gearing up for your first trip with little one? Traveling with your baby for the first time can seem daunting, but with planning and preparation, it can also be an exciting experience for both of you! We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to pack for baby and how to navigate possible challenges on their first adventure with this comprehensive guide.

What to Pack

  1. LOTS of Diapers and Wipes: Stock up on plenty of diapers and wipes to last the duration of your trip. We recommend packing even more than you think you might need and extra plastic bags to stash dirty items.
  2. Baby Clothes: Pack comfortable clothing like soft onesies that are easy to pack a lot of. It’s a good idea to bring extra clothing (that goes for you too) in case of blowouts, spit-ups, and any of the other unpredictable clothing-ruining fluids that come out of baby. If you’re going somewhere chilly, pack extra layers you can put on and take off easily to keep them comfortable.
  3. Feeding Essentials: Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, ensure you have all the necessary supplies such as bottles, formula (in an easy dispenser), bibs, burp cloths, sterilizing bag(s), and a portable bottle warmer or thermos for hot water.
  4. Food and Snacks: If your baby has started solids, pack meals and snacks in convenient, travel-friendly containers like portable containers or pouches. An insulated bag is a great option to keep food (and bottles) chilled on-the-go. Make sure you have easy access while you’re on the move to help avoid meltdowns!
  5. Baby Travel Gear: Depending on how you’re traveling, consider bringing a stroller, baby carrier, portable crib, or a car seat. Double check to be sure everything is safely and properly set up or installed.
  6. Health and Safety Items: Pack a toiletry kit with their hygiene products like diaper cream, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, and moisturizer. It’s also a good idea to bring a first-aid kit with baby pain reliever, thermometer, nasal aspirator, bandages, and any other medications in case baby gets sick. And don’t forget sunscreen and insect repellent suitable for babies.
  7. Entertainment: Keep little one engaged during travel and downtime with toys, books, soothers, and other items they like.

Preparing for the Journey

  1. Plan Ahead: Research your destination and accommodations to ensure they are baby-friendly. Check if they provide amenities such as cribs, highchairs, and baby-safe spaces.
  2. Stick to Routine: Try to maintain your baby’s regular routine as much as possible, including nap times, bedtime, and feeding schedules. Familiarity can help alleviate stress for both you and baby.
  3. Anticipate Challenges: Traveling with a baby can present unique challenges, from crying during flights, to diaper blowouts on the go, to unexpected delays. Mentally prepare yourself for these situations and try to deal with them with patience and flexibility.
  4. Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to seek support from family, traveling companions, or hotel or airline staff if you need assistance during your trip. Most people are understanding and willing to accommodate families with young children.
  5. Enjoy the Journey: Amidst the inevitable chaos and unpredictability of traveling with a baby, don’t forget to savor this time and create lasting memories with your little one. You get to watch them experience brand new things in real time, how cool is that?

You can’t predict everything, but by packing essentials, preparing for the journey, and with a little patience, you and baby can set out on a great adventure. You’ve got this. Bon voyage!

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