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Hospital-Grade Gia® Nursing Pillow

by Dr. Brown's Medical


Ultra-Preemie Nipples


Slower Flow Rate than Our Current Preemie Nipple

Designed to address the
specific needs of infants
learning to coordinate
breath and rest
during feedings.

Available individually wrapped

Dr. Brown's Medical and Healthcare Professionals Resource

At Dr. Brown's, we pride ourselves on creating research-based products that benefit babies, moms, and medical professionals. For years we have worked to perfect our bottles and nipples, which have significant medical advantages by addressing appropriate nipple flow rate, colic and digestive issues, and preserving nutrients in milk.

As we've grown, we have continued to develop products in partnership with medical experts like pediatric dentists, lactation consultations, and nutritionists. Our pacifiers, breastfeeding products, and infant feeding line were all developed with the same care, research, and attention to detail that made Dr. Brown's what it is today.

We are expanding our solutions for NICUs and hospitals, and we're opening up the conversation. We want to hear how Dr. Brown's can help you. Take our survey and receive a case of Dr. Brown's Ultra-Preemie Nipples.

Nutrient Study

A recent university study set out to measure nutrient levels in baby bottle breastmilk and formula. It was determined that Dr. Brown's® fully-vented bottles help preserve levels of important nutrients.

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Colic Report

In 2010, Handi-Craft Company, the maker of Dr. Brown's Natural Flow products, and Central Medical Supplies, commissioned a third party agency, to research the prevalence, cause and treatment of colic symptoms in the UK.

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